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                巴基斯坦進出口數據,又稱巴基斯坦進出口貿易數據。進出口數據網提供兩種巴基斯坦進出口數據:巴基斯坦提單進出口數據 (PKBD) 和巴基斯坦進出口貿易流向數據(PKTF).

                巴基斯坦提單進出口數據 (PKBD)簡介:

                巴基斯坦提單進出口數據,又稱巴基斯坦進出口提單數據,英文名稱為PakistanBills Data,PakistanB/L Data,簡稱PKBD。進出口數據網按產品名稱的關鍵詞提供自2000年以來的巴基斯坦提單進出口數據 (PKBD)。

                巴基斯坦提單進口數據含巴基斯坦進口企業和國外出口企業,英文字段如下:ImpExp,Detailed Product Description, Month, Pakistan Importer, Importer Address,Arrival Date, Foreign Exporter, Origin Country, Gross Weight, Quantity, QtyUnit, NO of Packing, Packing Unit, Manifest Date, Bill of Lading Date,Destination Port, Port of Shipment, Shipping Line, Manifest NO, Index NO,Flight NO, Bill of Lading NO, ID, Container, Vessel Flight, Year。巴基斯坦提單進口數據揭示了巴基斯坦進口企業從全球各國企業進口的詳細國際貿易活動,助您開拓、提升公司在巴基斯坦乃至全球的進出口國際貿易業務。

                巴基斯坦提單出口數據含巴基斯坦出口企業和國外進口企業,英文字段如下:ImpExp,Month, Product Description, SBDate, 巴基斯坦Exporter, Exporter Address, Foreign Importer, COUNTRY, PORT,Quantity, Unit,SAGName, ID, Coll, TYP, EGMNO, EGMDate, Vessel, Sline, SBNO,Year, etc.. Youwill get complete details of company such as Name and address ofcompany,complete contact details, Email Address, Contact person, Designation。巴基斯坦提單出口數據揭示了巴基斯坦出口企業出口到全球的詳細國際貿易活動,助您開拓、提升公司在巴基斯坦乃至全球的國際貿易業務。





                1) 明確需求,提交訂單。請在我們網站上搜索數據樣本(或發送郵件索取樣本),明確公司需求后發送訂單給我們,包括產品名稱關鍵詞或企業名稱關鍵詞、數據期限等。您也可下載委托單(訂單),填寫或發送給我們;

                2) 雙方協商,簽訂協議。雙方在服務內容、價格、服務方式、服務期限經協商達成一致后簽訂協議。請貴司根據協議條款辦理匯款手續,匯款后請發送匯款底聯;

                3) 發送數據或開通賬號。我們將在1個工作日內發送歷史數據,或為貴司開通查詢系統賬號。貴司在未來每天接收更新的數據,或瀏覽下載數據及系統自動生成的各種報表、圖表及報告。


                巴基斯坦進出口貿易流向數據,又稱巴基斯坦貿易流向數據,英文名稱為PakistanTrade Flow,簡稱PKTF,一般按產品的前6位海關編碼查詢搜索,也可按 8位編碼、4位編碼或2位編碼(整章)搜索查詢,每月更新。點擊如下鏈接可免費搜索查詢巴基斯坦進出口貿易流向數據(PKTF)樣本:




                1) 明確需求,提交訂單。請在我們網站上搜索數據樣本(或發送郵件索取樣本),明確公司需求后發送訂單給我們,包括進口或出口、海關編碼、數據期限等。您也可下載委托單(訂單),填寫或發送給我們;

                2) 雙方協商,簽訂協議。雙方在服務內容、價格、服務方式、服務期限經協商達成一致后簽訂協議。請貴司根據協議條款辦理匯款手續,匯款后請發送匯款底聯;

                3) 發送數據或開通賬號。我們將在1個工作日內發送歷史數據,或為貴司開通查詢系統賬號。貴司在未來每月月底接收上個月數據,或瀏覽下載數據及系統自動生成的各種報表、圖表及報告。

                Name:Pakistan; (long form) Islamic Republic of Pakistan

                Population: 162,419,900

                Capital City: Islamabad (965,000)

                Currency: Pakistani Rupee (PKR)

                Languages: Punjabi (48%), Sindhi (12%), Siraiki (10%), Pashtu (8%), Urdu(8%), others

                Religions: Sunni Muslim (77%), Shi'a Muslim (20%)

                Land Areas: 310,403 sq miles (803,940 sq km)

                Land Divisions: 4 provinces, including Balochistan, North-West FrontierProvince, Punjab and Sindh. It also includes the Federally Administered TribalAreas and the Islamabad Capital Territory.

                Pakistan, part of theIndian Subcontinent, and positioned in the Middle East, a recognizedgeographical region of southwestern Asia, isin both the northern and eastern hemispheres. The country is bordered by Iran, Afghanistan,China, India and the Arabian Sea.

                In 1947, as British rule came to an end in India,Pakistan was created whenthe Muslim-dominated parts of India(to the west and east) of Hindu India, were given autonomy.

                Those two partitions were called East and West Pakistan and they wereseparated (right down the middle) by India.

                The city of Islamabad, with its mix oftraditional Islamic architecture styles and modern features, became the capitalcity when it was officially moved here from Karachi in 1959.

                Then, in 1971, East Pakistan demanded independence, and after a bloodycivil war it was transformed into what is now called the country of Bangladesh.